Skycloud Security


Your Data in one Super Safe Place

At Skycloud we pride ourselfs on Security,we work hard to ensure user data is super secure thats why we've introduced our new security level transit where your data is fully encrypted through transit until it actually reaches you.

  • Our State of the art Cloud Infrastructure allows for maximum security beond any,
    sophisticated security mesures,techniques and algorithms are just to name
    a few of our methods used in place of securing user data stored on the Skycloud servers.

  • With our unparalleled and unmatched technology you can rest assure your data is in a safe place.

  • If you find any Security issues of any kind please email us directly on and
    we will have the issue looked at straight away.

  • 2 Step verification on sign in has now been introduced this adds an extra layer of security to user accounts from potential attackers.
  • Encrypted file storage.where your files are encrypted on the server and can only be decrypted by you on viewing or retrieval of that file.

  • We encourage users to keep a strong secure password and keep this in a safe place,never give your password out to anybody and please
    NOTE: We will never ask for your pasword
    ,your password is the only key to access your account unless you have the 2 step verification
    turned on from with in your my account page then this will add an extra layer of security to your account.

  • Skycloud has a built in screen-Lock Feature that can be activated with a unique Pin to stop access to your cloud and make it even more secure.

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