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    Is SkyCloud Free?

    YES,SkyCloud is completely Free to use.

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    How do I transfer a domain name to SkyCloud?

    Simply go to your current domain registrar and change the domain name servers to
    then simply add the domain name in to your SkyCloud Account then the domain name will then be ready to use.

    What languages is SkyCloud available in?

    SkyCloud Is Currently Only Supported in English, unless auto-translation is used.

    Can I create Sub Domains on SkyCloud?

    YES, you can create an Unlimited amount of sub domains at no extra cost.. You have already paid for the domain name itself so you won't have to pay for sub domains on SkyCloud

    Can I register a Domain name with SkyCloud?

    SkyCloud have currently disabled the Domain registration function but will be re enabling the domain registry again on July 25th 2017 .

    How do I change DNS settings for my domain name?

    Simply sign in to your Skycloud Account that you would like to change the DNS settings for, then click DNS Control,from there you can configure all your DNS settings.

    I have a technical problem, who do I email?

    Any Technical Problems you have you should call SkyCloud directly on 07403117662 or alternatively email skyCloud at

    Can I make Money With My Website?

    Yes of Course,there are numerous options with making money from your website,from going ecommerce to marketing your website,SkyCloud even has the option for you to park your domain name and earn revenue while it's not in use by you.

    How can I make my Website rank higher in search engines?

    To make your website rank higher in search engines for specific keywords/key phrases your website will need to be Seo Friendly for a start...........Check this out to help you get started how to make your website rank well with seo tips.

    How to set up email for my domain on my phone

    To setup email on any device,simply go to your dashboard - Email - Email_Server - Settings | then follow the on screen instructions.

    What is the maximum Storage SkyCloud offer?

    SkyCloud gives UNLIMITED Amount of Storage. Average-(5,000 TB)

    Does SkyCloud do Web Design too?

    Yes SkyCloud also does Web Design,can't you tell!' Check out for more information.

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    Which Operating Systems does SkyCloud support?

    SkyCloud is Currenly only available on Android & Windows operating systems,although there is a SkyCloud App underway for Apple Ios.

    Which File-extension types can I add on to SkyCloud?

    There is no file type limit,SkyCloud will allow you to add any file type to your Cloud.

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    I would Like to Kindly Donate to SkyCloud?

    SkyCloud are Happy to accept any donation as SkyCloud does not yet Profit from any Renenue other then from our marketing network,where we display ads.